Fri, 05 Mar 2021

From the beginning of the lockdown period, some people kept pets to accompany them, while others lack the ability to take care of them. In short, there are more abandoned pets, creating a chaotic situation.

London, UK (Merxwire) - Since 2020, the world has begun to fight against a common enemy, and most people suddenly have more time to stay at home. In order to relieve loneliness, people use the Internet to communicate. On social media, many owners seem to enjoy playing with their pets. They upload cute pet photos and record animal-themed videos, which means that pets make home time not lonely.

The owner and pet accompany each other

Many people used not to want to keep pets because they have too little time at home, but now they have more time, so it becomes an opportunity to keep pets during the pandemic. More people keep pets because of impulse! But the problem also followed. Although keeping pets is fun, the owner must be patient and take care of the pet's lives.

Anyone who has kept pets knows that they must play with pets regularly, take them for walks, bathe, and clean up excrement, etc. Pets are life. If people are not ready to take care of animals, they shouldn't keep pets at will. Especially in this difficult period, many people have a hard time taking care of themselves. How to take care of another life? Raising pets without a comprehensive assessment will increase the number of abandoned animals.

Pets are abandoned or resold

Over time, some frustrated owners began to hand over pets with behavioral problems or older pets to animal shelters, and some owners also posted information about reselling pets on sales websites. The demand for keeping pets and the trend of abandoning pets emerged at the same time, creating a chaotic situation.

In March 2020, the number of searches on the Internet for "buy a puppy" in the UK increased fourfold, and in May, it increased even more, and a similar trend appeared in the US. At the same time, the demand for puppies has greatly increased, and irresponsible owners or sellers sell animals at higher prices.

In January 2021, a large number of abandoned cats appeared in the Tala Cats rescue center near Paphos, Cyprus. The volunteer said that these cats were abandoned because of the pandemic. Due to the economic hit, some foreign residents and people with dual resident status left, but they left cats, and the number of abandoned cats increased by about 30%.

Animal life needs people to care

People like puppies and kittens because newborn animals are particularly cute and easy to cultivate emotions and habits. These pets are taken care of and have always grown up in a human environment. If they are abandoned on the street, it is difficult to survive, and they may become sick or malnourished.

Even if they are sent to animal shelters, most of these animals have to wait a long time before the next owner appears. People need company, so keep pets, but when people can't be responsible, pets are the victims. If you see stray animals, or if you know where pets have been abandoned, please contact the relevant agencies so that the animals are protected.

Human beings are different from animals because we have wisdom, unity, and empathy. Although we cannot understand what pets think, people should respect every life. Human beings are different from animals because we have wisdom, unity, and empathy. Although we cannot understand what pets think, people should respect every life. Keeping pets must be responsible for their lives and contribute to this decision. Please do not abandon animals at will.

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